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Distracted Driving

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Cogosense offers safe driving solutions to CNA customers to address the problem of distracted driving. For more information, or to set up a demonstration, please submit your request through this form and a Cogosense representative will contact you to review your requirements.

FleetSafer from Cogosense is software for smart phones and tablets that automatically detects the driving state, locks the keyboard and silences all alerts when driving. FleetSafer is easily deployed through email, SMS or through a mobile device management (MDM) system.

Benefits of Active Enforcement

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Ensure Compliance

Eliminate the potential for violations and exceptions.

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Simplify Reporting and Auditing

An unenforced policy will increase liability, not limit it.

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Eliminate All Distractions

A silenced phone still vibrates and displays incoming messages. and calls

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Simplify Conformance For Employees

FleetSafer automatically puts the device in safe mode when driving is detected.

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